Friday, December 18, 2009

Who does that? Can you stop?

------Sorry if there are too many grammatical errors in this post, its 3:11am and I just don't give a hairy rats ass anyway----------LET THE BLOGGING COMMENCE!

Um, do you ever meet someone and they say something and you're like Who does that?
I logged on my dearest Facebook today and someone invited me to join the group:

And my immediate reaction was: Hey! I was just FB stalking the guy who invited me to join this! How odd.
My second reaction was: Wait. There is a serious group called "Soldiers Are Not Heroes"? What? Who does that?

Please, all six of you reading my blog, don't get the wrong idea. I am so in favor of free speech its crazy. I eat free speech for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hell, I have a blog! Thats how into free speech I am!

But really? REALLY? Thats the equivalent of starting a group called "I'm in favor of the Fuhrer!" or "Taliban-tastic!". Its like, yeah you have free speech, but because you started this group you're a dick.

Not to mention this person has made a very general remark. Is he saying all soldiers aren't heroes? NONE of them have done ANYTHING HEROIC? Not a single one?
Have you checked that Mr. Dickhead? You have met all members of the armed forces, past and present, and can assure us all that not one of them is a hero? You have not met one member of the armed forces who had a lick of bravery running in his bloodstream? Mmhmm...

See. What a dick.

Anyway, I'm not posting this so all of you current even whores out there can comment about the war in Afghanistan or oil or your kittens that George Bush ate. I'm just throwing this thought out there in cyberspace saying, "Hey, don't be a dick on facebook because we will all post on the group wall telling you how horrible you are...etc..."
I'm just being a friend, letting you know about social networking's unwritten rules of conduct (because there is at least one man out there who is unaware, and that is NOT okay).

Phew, all that serious talk is draining! Here's some other stuff to read:
My exams are OvEr. The stress zits are disappearing! (Don't hate, you get them too)
I got a cat with only half a tail.
I drank my sisters Gatorade and she told me I was fat and ugly. Ouch. That one hit home.
And...oh, I became insanely jealous of this girl (who I don't know...) who went to my highschool and she did the tongue tango with ALEX TURNER OF THE ARCTIC MONKEYS! WHAT???!! I know its crazy.
Uhg, the luck of some people.

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  1. yo, girl. we think alike. don't worry :] that was funny when we were in the movie theater, and i was talking about how much i hated that group.

    anyway, post again soon.
    i love your blog.

    ~~mrs robert downey jr.