Monday, October 5, 2009

Double Frick

So. I'm sitting in this class at school.

And I'm thinking.

And thinking.

Do you know what I'm thinking? Frick. NO. Double Frick (frick).

Why am I saying frick? Because things aren't going my way goddammit! To be frank, I just don't understand it.

What do people have to do to get positive results around this place? I mean, I admit I have faults, but who the hell doesn't? Are my faults keeping me from a good day? I have had the worst of luck this year. I'm starting to think that what I have to do to get good luck is going to have to be something horrific. Like, I'll have to sleep with Bill O'Reilly or something totally horrible like that.

Do you know what else I'm noticing? Other people around me a struggling too. Like, I have friends failing tests left and right, my mailman died just for helping the post office out on a busy day, and everyone is suffering from the Oinky-Illness.

I used to think that bad luck happend to people who did bad things. Like, for example, murderers, they're put in prison, right? Or that whole theory that, you know, karma and what goes around comes around and all that bullshit will make your life better.

So what the hell? Where is the truth my friends? WHAT is the truth? Does this truth exist?
Where is my good luck, my big break, my winning streak? Where are my "A+"s and where is my beautiful boyfriend? Where are the friends who aren't so iffy? Why can't I find the things I want?

If you find my things, please let me know. If I find the things you want, I'll let you know too.

Okay, this was a mildly rando post for the middle of the day, but still. I figured you should hear my whiney crap. After all, thats all a blog is.

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