Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Introduction

Okay, while I understand that blogging is so supremely obnoxious and it causes much grief for people (such as, the Thinking American who spends their time doing things that are productive and worthy of seeing the daylight and would rather not be bugged by a rando expressing his angry self), I figured I should try this shit out. People seem to enjoy it and spend so much time talking about it I shouldn't get so down on it if I haven't even tried it. Sort of like kids who already know they hate broccoli before they even eat it.

By the way, I love broccoli. True story. So, continuing with a few things about myself...

I should be honest. I'm kind of the anti-blogger. I'm also a hypocrite. Lets get that out of the way. I love to talk, and talk, and talk, about me, myself, and I but I really could care less about your dead hamster or cousin who got into Harvard. But hell, if my cousin gets into Harvard or my hamster died, you better shut the hell up and listen. There are lots of things that are okay for me to do, but not okay for you to do. You will be aware of those later on.

I also have poor grammar. So if you've noticed my run on sentences or misplaced commas you can stuff it. Its part of a quirky charm I have. Well, that and grammar is a weakness of mine. I just have so many things to say and no period can stop me! And to tell you the truth, I'm a very happy grammatically incorrect person. It goes hand in hand with my political incorrectness too.

Okay, I feel better. I'm glad you know these things about me. I consider my place on earth to be very important. I consider yours to be important too. I do like other people and I'm glad you're here. Nice to meet you. And, in case I already met you, nice to meet you (again).